SHORT ONE #2 – A happy family

I must confess I feel touched by lots of things these days. It started with the pregnancy and got even worse after the labor 😀

Today I was coming home by metro. I was getting ready to get off and still while the train was arriving to the end station I saw two kids on a platform jumping and waving. A little girl and probably her older brother. In the background there was their mom for sure.

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SHORT ONE #1: A pure joy

This is going to be my first short one. A short one means a short post up to maximum 50 words. 🙂

I had a first chance today to go running. After 3 months and 2 weeks after my daughter was born. Well… let’s call it jogging. 🙂
I used the style when you walk & run and you switch after a certain distance. Basically I went out for 15 minutes just to try it out. So no big performance. But every mom after either natural labor or a S-section understands that even walking after a month is a not much fun.

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A serious announcement

2 am.

I am lying in bed and got this splendid idea. I am gonna start blogging… Write a blog. Online! And tell the world how I feel after becoming a mother.

I am sure there are tons of moms like me who got to some point when they say to themselves “I gotta start doing something else besides wiping a bum of my precious child and saying silly things like I am gonna eat you, i am gonna eat you followed by million kisses on the baby’s belly “. 😀

Well, let’ s get to it.

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Javascript 6 – prototype property

In my earlier post I used the prototype property to give all my cookies a method to scare away the Cookie Monster. It worked well but I started questioning what this prototype thing really refers to.

So I asked my true friend, the console.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 😉

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Javascript 5 – cookies vs. Cookie Monster

Once I read in John Resig’s book that a constructor is like a cookie cutter to make cookies. I found that very nice of him that he thought of people like me… who… who likes cookies and try to learn JS. Well, so I made up this little example. I have a cookie cutter, cookies and someone who eats them, the Cookie Monster. 🙂

For those who don’t know Cookie Monster, this is him. Very scary guy.


This is my cookie cutter, properly said a constructor. It allows me to bake as many cookies as I want.

function MyCookie(flavor) {
 this.flavor = flavor;
 this.eaten = false;

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Javascript 4 – Everything is an object

I used to tell myself "Just stay away from the hellish objects and you’ll be fine". Well, that was quite naive to say when everything in JS is represented via an object.

CONFESSION: As I found out today not everything is an object. There are also these primitive value types like Undefined, Null, String, Boolean and Number that aren’t objects even though some of them can be represented as an object. This fact doesn’t change any of the stuff written below.

I used to tell myself  “Just stay away from the hellish objects and you’ll be fine”.
Well, that was quite naive to say when everything in JS is represented via an object. 🙂

I did some short tests to see.

Object, like the real? one

[code lang=”js”]

var myObject = new Object();
myObject[‘0’] = ‘b’;
myObject[‘1’] = ‘o’;
myObject[‘2’] = ‘o’;



I created an object with 3 properties.

The __proto__  thing is an internal property. It points to an object myObject inherits from.

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Javascript 3 – Use console to debug or die

Using alert() to debug really sucks. I always have to pray for my inserted alert to come up and it often doesn’t and I have no idea why or I kill my browser by never ending loop with alerts I can’t stop or I would get this error Object object that basically says “Just Give It Up!”.

Well, alert time is over. I was told to use a console.log(). Suddenly the JS world seems a bit nicer.

I prefer the Google Chrome console. You can activate it by hitting F12.

Example 1 – feeling much better already 😉

[code lang=”js”]

var test = ‘Defined’;

var test2;



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