A serious announcement

2 am.

I am lying in bed and got this splendid idea. I am gonna start blogging… Write a blog. Online! And tell the world how I feel after becoming a mother.

I am sure there are tons of moms like me who got to some point when they say to themselves “I gotta start doing something else besides wiping a bum of my precious child and saying silly things like I am gonna eat you, i am gonna eat you followed by million kisses on the baby’s belly “. πŸ˜€

Well, let’ s get to it.

Questions start popping up in my head…

Who is going to read it? Who is my audience?
Me again. Cause I am going to proof read it right? Okay, that wasn’t funny.
My boyfriend.
My neighbor Julie who has a 5 months old baby herself. I am sure she will bring up many ideas what to write about so I will have my own “idea maker”.
ThatΒ΄s enough for a start.

Should I start a domain like a Super mom’s diary or something that sounds wicked cool and people will recognize me by that name when I become famous?
Noooope. I will use my blogenka and see where it goes. Let’s call it a testing phase.

How often?
Once a month. That’s doable. But of course in my head I have “once a week”. We women push ourselves and then we don’t love ourselves for not doing what we have pushed ourselves for. Right, ladies? πŸ˜‰

What I am going to write about?
Simple. Ta daaa. I am going to right about myself, my daughter, my new emotions, my “new me” who jumped on this train that is not going to stop until my daughter’s 18th birthday. At least. πŸ˜€

Can I really write?
I cannot write in my mother language, at least that’s what my teachers thought over the years at school. And when I got a D for my masterpiece at high school I had this thing in me that I could not write a single story and I totally gave it up. I am sure you know how teachers kill naturally talented people πŸ˜€ I am sure I could be a singer or a writer… actually I always wanted to be a ballerina (see the black little one πŸ™‚ ). But I am a webdesigner instead.
I found out that I miss this bad feeling when I use English and words flow and flow and I can write what I want and no light is blinking in my head..

I just got lost in my FLOW. πŸ˜€

Back on track.

I promised no serious announcement but I see it is a very serious announcement and commitment to write a blog about my 3 months old daughter.

Wish me luck!

O ooh, she is getting hungry. Gotta go.