The “little” things

My boyfriend told me to write down every single thought that pops up in my head so I don’t forget what I wanted to write.
I followed what he said. Two day ago at 4 am  I basically wrote the whole post. The only problem is that I cannot quite read it 😀

So I am going to solve the puzzle.

I remember the times when I was single or even was in a relationship and had pleeeenty of time. I had a whole day to think about what I am going to do the next day and still the next day have a half a day to rethink if it was a good idea what I decided to do. 😀 Okay, exaggerating but I am sure you know this if you are not a workaholic. I could watch TV whole day. I could watch 3 movies in a row. I could do whatever I wanted… Yes. I am a movie fan! 🙂

That changed. Someone cute playing now with a giant stuffed spider cut off my free time. With a little bit of math, you feed a baby 6-7 times a day. You spent at least 30 minutes on that. Plus you hush the baby sometimes to make her sleep, plus there are these fart attacks, you hold her, you do take care of her cause she is your baby. Oh, and I forgot sometimes you gotta sleep too so you don’t go crazy. Soooo, if you are lucky you end up with 3 hours of time for “yourself” that you should use for the useful things like making yourself a meal, cleaning up a little, doing the chores you would normally postpone…

Enough of complaining 🙂
There is always a bright side of everything. 🙂

I started to appreciate the little things:

  • feeding her at 3 am, only the reading light is on, watching the shimmering lights in distant villages, feeling it is just I and my daughter.
  • feeding her at 3 am without completely waking her up so you can put her back to sleep easily. Sometimes I wish I could feed her without waking me up. If you know how to do it please let me know. 🙂
  • feeding her at 3 am and manage to not to wake up my boyfriend. He can sleep until morning and I look like a hero.
  • tucking her in
  • covering her with a blanket when she passes out on a patchwork with the activity arch by hitting stuffed animals hanging in the air.
  • when she finally poops and it has the right color and consistency 😀 Sorry, but it is true! You don’t want to have a constipated baby.
  • when she doesn’t poop when you are outside so I don’t have to deal with the mess. 😀
  • when she burps
  • when she burps and smiles afterwards
  • seeing her waking up, stretching her arms and body like my yoga teacher used to make me stretch after a yoga class
  • filling up little food containers with a specific amount of formula so I don’t have to measure it when I have a crying baby behind your ear and have to prepare the food in less than a second.
  • opening a fresh box with baby formula and dig in with a spoon. I am weird, I know. But try it.
  • when I eat lunch before a fart attack so I don’t end up eating lunch at 3 pm.
  • when you open a box with new diapers and you realize that finally some company make a clever design of diapers.  “DM Baby love” diapers have a bunny’s body on the front and bunny’s bum on the back so you know which way the diaper goes. I think it is brilliant.
  • tricking her by giving her a toy so I have 5 minutes to drink my cold coffee or go to bathroom
  • when she yawns and you think “Yes. Now MY TIME is coming”
  • when I read her from a book of poems and she listens for 10 second carefully even though she has no clue what I am talking about
  • when I get a time to wash my hair, shave legs so I am not a woman that just crawled out of a cave.
  • when I and my boyfriend bath her in IKEA little bath tub and she is all happy throughout the whole bath.
  • her every single smile that makes me a proud mom
  • her occasional loud giggle that makes me giggle
  • when I finally leave the apartment, have a little bit of time for myself & when I come back home so I want to see our cute amazing baby. Sometimes I literally run home 🙂 well I would call it jogging. 😀

I am sure there are more. 🙂

Let’s summarize.
On one hand it quite often sucks. I am just being honest. 🙂 Especially when you are wicked tired. On the other hand there are wonderful moments. So let’s moan a tiny bit less and enjoy the little things!

P.S.  For example I moan every day how my wrists hurt from carrying her.  Orthopedist told me a smart advice to change the way how I hold my daughter. Thanks! That’s an idea! I am seriously thinking of getting a babysitter “Babyholder”  😀 I would only have the babysitter for holding the baby.