SHORT ONE #2 – A happy family

I must confess I feel touched by lots of things these days. It started with the pregnancy and got even worse after the labor πŸ˜€

Today I was coming home by metro. I was getting ready to get off and still while the train was arriving to the end station I saw two kids on a platform jumping and waving. A little girl and probably her older brother. In the background there was their mom for sure.

Right when I saw them I immediately knew they were waiting for their daddy.

When the doors opened the girl ran toward a crowd of people getting off the train. She jumped on a tall man, wrapped her legs around him and was laughing out loud, screaming “daddy, daddy!”. Then her brother joined them. And then… their mommy came to them, kiss her husband/boyfriend and hugged them all.

A happy family.

I used to have this feeling when I was seeing families at the airports waiting at exit halls.

I smiled and felt great because I knew my little family was waiting for me at home.

At the end of the post I also confess that I was little bit drunk. I drank ONLY ONE GLASS OF WINE at my niece’s birthday party. πŸ˜€

When was the last time you felt touched? πŸ™‚
When was the last time you got drunk? πŸ™‚