Babies do it on purpose!

I often hear about little babies…”He is doing it on purpose.” or “She does it to pi** me off!” or “He did it intentionally.”

And I must admit it is true! ?

My daughter cries usually when I want to sit down and have a cup of coffee. My daughter falls asleep 1 minute right before the doctor checkup is about to start. My daughter starts crying when I want to go out and have some free time. My daughter poops right after I change her diaper.

I could go on and on… She does these things on purpose! Of course!  ?

And you know what? Babies are capable of that even when they are unborn, in your womb. Babies are very smart. For example: My daughter started kicking in my belly right at the moment when I decided to go to bed. Well, on purpose! And guess what she also decided to not be upside down to make my life little more interesting. ? ?


Babies, and especially the very little ones, can’t do mean things like that. They are new to the world. If they cry something is not quite right with them. They are either hungry, cold, hot, they need to burp or poop or something is achy in their body and we cannot see it, or they just not in the right mood.
Yes, you have moods too! You are a human being.

Imagine this. Someone wakes you up earlier than usually, you don’t get enough of breakfast because someooone is in a rush, then someone puts you in a super warm overall so you get hot and theeen something gets itchy on your body… and plus you are not in the best mood. Are you already mad with that someone? Yes, you are! And if not, you are quite weird!

So as a conclusion I would say this. Try to put yourself in the baby’s cute soft shoes when you are dealing with SOMETHING and imagine yourself how you would feel at the moment.

I know, I know. It is not always easy. I confess that sometimes when I want to go for a walk and my daughter starts crying in a stroller and she has a new diaper, she burped after feeding, she seemed happy before I start suspecting her that nothing is wrong with her and she is just making things up. Usually I slap my face (NOT HER! 🙂 ) and tell myself: wake up, she’s not a robot that will do exactly what you want her to do.

Let’s try to be patient with them! 😀 And if they are getting on your nerves daddies and grandparents will help out. 😉

I will let you know in a half a year at what level my patience is. 😀